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My Adult De-stress classes

You've probably heard that meditation lowers stress and anxiety levels, boosts mood, reduces chances of feeling depressed and increases mental agility and focus. It increases our capacity for compassion, for ourselves and others, and enhances our ability to manage strong emotions.  More and more people are discovering the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and efficient de-stress techniques like Autogenics. It takes eight weeks to learn the basics of either Mindfulness or Autogenics with me. 

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With regular practice of Mindfulness or Autogenics: 

Done just over a short period of time, you can see why it makes you pleasantly more clear-headed and calmer. Your buttons can no longer be pressed so easily. 

Please click here to contact me. I will give you more information on how to sign up, costs, location, timing and dates of classes. We can have a chat to discover what your needs are and what will work best for you. 

Self-help for
parents & children:
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"In my book Deeno's Dream Journeys in the Big Blue Bubble, I enable adults to help their children manage their emotions by teaching them the Autogenics techniques I teach in my classes."

– Julia Langensiepen

Benefits of the book

Available to purchase from Jessica Kingsley or Amazon

By regularly taking time out to focus inwards, our mental and physical well-being gets boosted, we feel stronger and we become resilient.
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  • Every journey starts with a single step

  • If you keep doing what you've always done, nothing will change.

  • Life is stressful. We can learn to change our reactions to it.

  • With an inspiring vision and steps towards it, achieving your goals is easy.

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