Julia Langensiepen, BA (Hons), HG DipP, MHGI
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How I can help you


Working from my private practice in Hampton, I have had great success using the HG approach to help my clients (click here to read more about Results) to resolve a wide range of issues. I mainly see clients face-to-face, but I also conduct sessions over the phone or via Skype - even from abroad. Contact me to find out more. 

My work with adults
My work with adolescents
My work with couples
My work with parents and children
Parenting more Mindfully
A relaxation programme for children 
Adult de-stress Classes 

  • Every journey starts with a single step

  • If you keep doing what you've always done, nothing will change.

  • Life is stressful. We can learn to change our reactions to it.

  • With an inspiring vision and steps towards it, achieving your goals is easy.

Will this help me?

By regularly taking time out to focus inwards, our mental and physical well-being gets boosted, we feel stronger and we become resilient.
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