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Gain & Sustain Emotional Balance Courses

Whatever it is, that makes you feel tense, presses your buttons or un-necessarily turns up your stress thermostat and perhaps leaves you feeling awake at night, take action now.

offered for
early-bird payments!

Sign up to this exciting new course and introduce the tools to create greater balance, happiness and wellness into your life. You will gain a theoretical brief insight into how, what happens in your brain, determines how you think, feel and act.  On a practical level, we will do various exercises and you will be trained in an effective but easy to learn meditation technique, called Autogenics. Once learnt, you can apply and sustain it all by yourself. It is about reclaiming control, becoming more flexible and resilient in your response to modern day insecurities and challenges; the pressures of work, family life, parenting, relationships and social media.

We run interactive evening courses, in small groups, in a private setting based in Hampton. The course takes place usually on consecutive Wednesday evenings

from 8:15pm.


Simply book your place by emailing or
call 07917 870767 for more information.


Cost is £160 with £60 up front as a deposit at time of booking.
Balance is due on 
first day of course. Concessions possible for single parents.
Price includes a detailed course manual. Book now to avoid disappointment!


Quotes from past participants:

“It has been a marvellous respite and something for me that I’ve been able to hold on to, and a really useful technique to learn.”


“...I feel really comfortable with everyone in the group. I also like the smallness
of the group and that we do practice.”


“I have looked forward to the sessions every week... we have learnt it step by step and not all in one go... works really well to make it a sustainable practice.”


“Nothing helped me more than this technique to get through the difficult time when my husband was diagnosed with cancer!”

Self-help for
parents & children:
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Anxiety and anger issues amongst children are very much on the increase, which is very alarming.


With this book I want to enable adults and parents to help children effectively manage their strong emotions using  child-friendly techniques."

Benefits of the book

Available to purchase from Jessica Kingsley or Amazon

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