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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I need therapy or coaching? 

You may feel something is wrong, but you are not sure what it is. You may find yourself reacting too quickly with outbursts of anger, or you may burst into tears very easily. Some people just want to 'hide away from the pack' like an injured wolf in its cave. When something is wrong it can affect our mood, sleep, breathing and eating patterns. We may experience real symptoms of stress, which need to be addressed.  Please read through the questions under 'Am I experiencing real symptoms of stress' to find out more.  

Am I experiencing real symptoms of stress?  

Some of the typical warning signs that you're currently not coping as well as you could be, are included in the following questions: 

  • Are you feeling down for no apparent reason? 

  • Are you not able to eat or sleep properly (this can mean too much or too little)?

  • Do you feel you're losing control? 

  • Are you thinking about work or another issue most of the time? 

  • Are you feeling the urge to drink more or take drugs or cry a lot? 

  • Are you losing your temper quickly? 

  • Are you experiencing a lack of focus or concentration?

  • Are you experiencing a lack of interest in most things?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you are probably finding life quite challenging at the moment and should seriously think about getting help. 

Will it work for me? 

I use highly researched and respected evidence-based techniques, with good results. See results With my approach, you don't need to know the theory behind it. You just need to really want things to be better for you and those around you. 

What are the methods you are working with? 

As a Human Givens Practitioner I use highly researched and respected evidence-based techniques, including Solution Focused Therapy and aspects of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). Where appropriate, I also use aspects of MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy), Autogenics, guided visualisations, and deep relaxation methods, to enable you to make lasting changes. Learn more about the results I've had with past clients here.

How do I know this is right for me? 

Why don't you take advantage of my free 20 minute phone conversation to discuss how we can work together? In an informal chat you can gather the information you need, hear my voice, and get a first impression of what it feels to talk to me.  If we agree to meet up, our first meeting will give us an opportunity to get to know each other. You will learn more about how I work and together we will review where you are in your life and what it is that you are finding challenging at the moment. You will leave feeling calmer than when you first arrived, and being much clearer about what to expect from future sessions. 

How can I work with ZOOM? 

Starting from the CORONA affected times in March 2020, I have been offering ZOOM meetings for screen to screen therapy sessions. No need to download any software - all you need is an email account, a screen with a camera and ideally an audio facility. 

It has been a very smooth transition to screen work in my profession and I am relieved to say that it works just as well. We can also use FaceTime to talk and the screen to see each other. I look forward to hearing from you!

How can I get more clarification on the fee structure?

I offer a complimentary 20 min phone consultation so we can have a chat and get an idea of how we can best work together to help you feel better. We will then meet for our first regular 60 min session at £75 to discuss the best way forward. *Rewind sessions and other deep sessions dealing specifically with a certain issue, phobia or trauma can take from about 1 1⁄2 hours up to 2 hours and cost from £95. Usually, a client will need only one or two sessions of this type in our work together. If you find you prefer more time with me, we can arrange a special package for you.

Comment from a client - after the 'rewind technique' which helps clients deal with difficult past events:

'Before I came to see you I thought the nightmares about the assault would never end. I was very nervous to do the rewind and didn't trust it either. But now, I cannot even get the horrible images to come up anymore. I cannot go there. It's gone. I feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. I can look at myself again in the mirror without feeling ashamed and worthless.' 

Betty came off the anti-depressants soon after. She grew stronger and stronger, got back into an exercise routine and set new goals. With her newfound determination and confidence she successfully passed the job interview she applied for, and is now running a logistics department all on her own – and is climbing the career ladder successfully.

Although HumanGivens sessions are generally not designed to be long-term, if the requirement is for ongoing support, – divorce, career change or during a major life transformation or more challenging mental health conditions – I do accompany some clients for as long as they benefit from the extra support. We can discuss payment accordingly.

Committing to NurturingLife therapy - How many sessions will I need?

It is absolutely natural that you should want to have an idea of cost before committing to go down this route of one-to-one work.

From my experience, most people can be helped in 4-8 sessions although some people need only one or two sessions to achieve their required results. Some people with more complex difficulties may require more. It very much depends on the issue you present, how determined you are to make change happen and how well the therapeutic, trusting relationship develops between us.


Client example 

Jill, an IT consultant, who worked in a highly pressurised environment, came to me with an extreme fear of flying in turbulent weather conditions. We had one 60 min. session where I wrote down all the details. The second session lasted about 2 hours. A few years later I bumped into her and she said, 

“I still have the same busy work schedule but I am such a

different flyer. When the pilot announces the bad weather

front I get this initial tight feeling, but then I remember what

we talked about, relax and do exactly that. I can even hear

your calming voice - it is quite amazing. It really works!”


My intention is to work in collaboration with you to achieve the

changes you want in as short a time-frame as possible. Then

you can move on, much better equipped for life’s future challenges.

  • Every journey starts with a single step

  • If you keep doing what you've always done, nothing will change.

  • Life is stressful. We can learn to change our reactions to it.

  • With an inspiring vision and steps towards it, achieving your goals is easy.

Will this help me?

By regularly taking time out to focus inwards, our mental and physical well-being gets boosted, we feel stronger and we become resilient.
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Take advantage of a free 20 min phone consultation 
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