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ADHD Coaching

One:one Support for Individuals

In my practice I sometimes meet individuals who come to me for anxiety, burn out or depression or general overwhelm with the demands of life. Some may have a history of addiction or anger problems.
After a little bit of investigation we find that they may have been wrongly diagnosing themselves and not realised that they may fall under the characteristics of people with an ADHD brain.

With such a brain you may typically find:

• Your concentration waivers
• Your mind is very busy
• You’re overpromising
• You’re feeling disappointed with yourself
• You may be very impulsive
• You struggle to complete tasks/projects and stay interested in the same job
• You suffer from poor time management and disorganisation
• Your relationships are challenging
• You’re hiding parts of who you are

These are just to name a few. What is important is that all of the above may become increasingly obvious and more pronounced when pressure mounts.
However, the AD(H)D brain is also an amazing brain with so much to offer if put into the right
environment and given the right support. I will help you to develop greater awareness of what it is you may need to come to calm and lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

ADHD Support for parents

I offer the choice of one:one sessions with parents or the option of taking part in small parenting groups.


'Parents and Teens – Building Better Relationships'

Parenting a teen with ADHD has its challenges. Combine it with a global pandemic or the
lockdown restrictions or any other time of intense pressure and it can become a toxic
potion for anyone involved if not handled with the appropriate knowledge and tools.


  • This course aims to build awareness.

  • It offers a safe space to speak and feel understood.

  • It’s a great opportunity for new learning and exchanging ideas.

Participants are given practical activities to try out in between sessions. There is room for feedback and questions in each online meeting. The course is limited to 8 sets of parents to make it as interactive as possible. Some parents take it in turns to participate on alternate weeks, others join the zoom course every week to keep momentum.

Here is what some of the previous participants have said:

"Attending this course, I have to say, has allowed the penny finally to drop for me. I now know what I have to do! Thank you, Julia! Really inspiring.’"

"Every Wednesday evening I was tired and played with the idea to give it a miss but then I always left the zoom call on a high, with a feeling of new empowerment and better understanding of how to better connect with my son.’"

"I have come across some of the topics before but was never really able to apply them to our family or my teen. This course really has helped me to join up the dots of why we argue so much and how to avoid it."

Please get in touch if you’re interested to find out how you can book onto this course or
have this course run by your school for parents or how to get your PTA to organise it.

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