For children aged 7–12 years:

Five-finger breathing exercise

How to do it:
Do you know the feeling when you’re trying to
read something and you can’t seem to get past
the first line? There is just so much in your head?

You see, when we’re stressed, worried or frustrated we can’t
concentrate on anything or think clearly, and everything takes
twice as long. This is a fun little exercise to show you how to
calm down really quickly, refocus and feel fine again:

Step 1: Place the index finger of one hand on the outside of the
pinky finger on your other hand. As you breathe in, trace up to the
tip of your pinky, and as you breathe out, trace down the inside of
your pinky.

Step 2: On your next in-breath, trace up the outside of your ring
finger, and on the out-breath, trace down the inside of your ring

Step 3: Breathe in and trace up the outside of your middle finger;
breathe out and trace down the inside of your middle finger.

Step 4: Continue finger by finger until you’ve traced your
entire hand.

Step 5: Reverse the process and trace from your thumb back to
your pinky.

Five finger breathing is great, because it’s easy and it simply
works. You can repeat it as often as you like or until you’re
calm and focused again.


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