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Parenting More Mindfully


As parents, we all have one overriding interest in common: the well-being of our children. I know that many parents struggle these days to keep a healthy work/life balance, as life is so pressurised and faster than ever before. Persisting insomnia, anxiety, fear, worry, frustration or anger can all affect the immune system - often resulting in distress, fatigue, chronic pain or illness. When we, as parents, don't function well, it's pretty hard for our children not to be affected. We are deeply interconnected and need to find ways for everybody in the family to stay happy and healthy. 

I offer weekly parenting groups. 
Contact me to find out how you can book onto the course. 

By regularly taking time out to focus inwards, our mental and physical well-being gets boosted, we feel stronger and we become resilient.
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  • Every journey starts with a single step

  • If you keep doing what you've always done, nothing will change.

  • Life is stressful. We can learn to change our reactions to it.

  • With an inspiring vision and steps towards it, achieving your goals is easy.

Will this help me?
Parenting More Mindfully is about: 

A Cultivating greater clarity of mind and internal calm 
B Gaining a better insight into our children's perspective  
C Learning how to translate this into a more mindful parenting style.
D Improving the communication between us as parents and our children  
E Anticipating and resolving unhealthy family dynamics 

Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more about parenting more mindfully - the groups/talks I offer - and to discuss your needs.



From 'Parenting More Mindfully' course participants: 

" It has been so helpful to have the opportunity to reflect on my own parenting styles and try out new techniques…..These small changes have made a massive difference to our family dynamics - because of the way I now react in a much calmer manner to challenging situations." 
Classroom Assistant

"A safe and calm environment, which lets you discuss difficult situations…Thank you so much, we're a much happier family for it!"   

Primary School Teacher 

"I loved the parenting course and really got lots out of it. As we met once a week it really helped me keep focused on the goals we set and tried to achieve. I think just the fact that we are open to helping ourselves improve to be better parents is great in itself.
Estate Agent

"I think it's reminded me that these little people are not on our time schedule and it really made me think about things from my child's perspective. Also, giving choices is a good technique but I still forget to do that…Thank you so much, Julia!"  
Executive Assistant

"I enjoyed the parenting course very much. It was great to learn new positive techniques for dealing with some difficult behaviours of children. In the past, I have often felt that I am out of my depth with parenting, so it was great to be given some new tools! Also, we learned a technique for staying calmer - such an effective way of approaching life, not just parenting. Julia has such a wealth of knowledge to share, all done in a nurturing and non-judgemental atmosphere. I would thoroughly recommend it."
Graphic Designer/Stay-at-home mum 

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